Introduction to Rhyming in Musical Improv

with MC Hammersmith

Introduction to Rhyming in Musical Improv

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Feel like you can’t rhyme when improvising songs? Keep getting stuck down rhyming dead ends? This is the workshop for you!

In three hours, we will cover the basic building blocks of improvised rhymes!

  • How to find your flow
  • How to stay calm
  • How to successfully rhyme and land punchlines in improvised songs

…all while keeping things fun, stress-free, chill and relaxed!

The session involves a lot of writing with pen and paper, and not a huge amount of standing up alone and rhyming on the spot. And when we do rhyme, sing, or rap together, it’ll be in the form of fun shortform games! The atmosphere is always very relaxed, fun and supportive!

Rhyming is one of the things improvisers find most terrifying. This workshop will help you turn that fear into freedom and fun!

Previous improv experience preferable, but not required.

About MC Hammersmith

MC Hammersmith

Will Naameh is a performer with Shamilton and Baby Wants Candy, two multi award-winning musical improv shows. He is also a founding member and performer with The Spontaneous Players, known for their Edinburgh Fringe smash hit show Spontaneous Potter. He has trained in improv with some of the world's leading schools and instructors, including Second City, iO Chicago, UCB, Annoyance Theatre, Susan Messing, Keith Johnstone, TJ & Dave and The Groundlings. As a solo act, he performs improvised hip hop comedy under the rap name MC Hammersmith. In this guise he has won multiple Scottish Comedy Awards, headlines comedy clubs across the UK and internationally, and has supported Jason Manford and John Bishop on tour. He is also a writer for Epic Rap Battles of History (Seasons 6+7) and has achieved viral success on TikTok, racking up over 100 million views for both his improvised and scripted hip hop comedy videos. He is a former UK Improv Smackdown Champion and has taught improv for groups, individuals, corporations and festivals worldwide.